About Wine of England


We are dedicated to supporting English wine and the vineyards that produce it. Our English wine subscription aims to demonstrate the quality of English wine with consumers.

Our story started three years ago when our other wine project, The Grape Reserve, was born. Two guys who shared a passion for wine eventually turned their attention to the growing English wine market. It is impossible to ignore the increasing popularity of wine on these shores, and we’re not talking about consuming it, which Britain has always been a world champion at, but producing it.

For this reason, we decided that it’s more important than ever to promote English wine and the vineyards and wineries that produce it. The more we visit wineries around the country the more we’re convinced English wine is serious business. Not just because its quality keeps improving at a rapid pace, but also because of the growing audience of English wine consumers.

As more people become interested in drinking English wine, the more that people want to visit and experience vine growing and winemaking firsthand, or enotourism (wine tourism) as it’s known. Although the trend is positive and an increasing number of wineries and vineyards are offering tours and experiences to the general public, wine tourism is still in its infancy when compared to other countries such as France, Spain or Italy.

At Wine of England, we want to provide a great looking, usable platform to discover the incredibly large number of wineries and vineyards that dot our hills and plains, and what they have to offer. We aspire to be an important source of information for English wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs and a link between them and English wine producers.